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Transportation of heavy transformators for LITPOL and NORDBALT projects

In 2015 Jūrtransa Ltd. participated in a project of delivery of heavy trafoes to Alytus and Kiskenai (Klaipedos district) for NORDBALT and LITPOL projects. In total 7 trafoes (110 tons weight) to Alytus and 4 trafoes (196 tons weight) for Kiskenai electrical substation were delivered. These 2 projects will connect Lithuanian electricity system to Poland’s and Sweden’s systems. Loaded trucks dimensions:

  • lenght - 35,5 m, width – 4,9 m, height 5,8 m, weight 290 tons. (196 tons trafo)
  • lenght – 27,5 m, width – 3,15 m, height 5,7 m, weight 160 tons. (110 tons trafo)

Transportation of wind power plant parts

During 2015 and 2016 year Jūrtransa Ltd. has arranged for permits and escorts, as well as partial delivery of more than 40 sets of wind turbine generators power plans to Mazeikiai and Silute district. The longest truck was 65 m length with the Rotorblades and heaviest were 113 tons with Nacelle.

Kaunas (LT) – Rotterdam (NL)

Klaipeda (LT) – Grodno (BY)