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Transportation of new equipment to “Grodno Azot” factory in Belarus

Jūrtransa Ltd. worked for almost a year to get prepared for a transport of a heavy equipment to Belorussia. The brand new equipment was successfully delivered to Grodno Azot plant.

The biggest collo from the wholelist was a huge absorption tower (L – 50 m, W – 6,4 m, H – 6 m, 196 tons) which was loaded and transported on 12 + 14 single line hydraulic axles sets with turn tables. The dimensions of the loaded vehicle were: length – 62 m, width – 6,4 m, height – 7,2 m, total weight – 288 tons. Due to weak bridges and various restrictions the total length of the route itself was almost 1000 km. It took us 9 days in total to get from Klaipeda to the final destination at Grodno. The other colli for the same project were delivered in October - November of 2015. The weight of the pieces varied from 50 to 90 tons.

Heavy transformators delivery from Klaipėda port to Belarus

Heavy transformators (2 CLL) and equipment delivery from Klaipėda port to Belarus, Postavy electric station, total weight of all cargo is more than 455 tons.

Heavy transformators delivery from Estonia to Belarus

Heavy transformator delivery from Paldiski port in Estonia, through Latvia to Belarus, Zhlobin electric station. Total route distance were more than 1100 km. Loaded vehicle dimensions: length 20 m., width 4,41 m., height 4,9 m., total weight 117 tons.