Jūrtransa Ltd. worked for almost a year to get prepared for a transport of a heavy equipment to Belorussia. The brand new equipment was successfully delivered to Grodno Azot plant.

The biggest collo from the wholelist was a huge absorption tower (L – 50 m, W – 6,4 m, H – 6 m, 196 tons) which was loaded and transported on 12 + 14 single line hydraulic axles sets with turn tables. The dimensions of the loaded vehicle were: length – 62 m, width – 6,4 m, height – 7,2 m, total weight – 288 tons. Due to weak bridges and various restrictions the total length of the route itself was almost 1000 km. It took us 9 days in total to get from Klaipeda to the final destination at Grodno. The other colli for the same project were delivered in October – November of 2015. The weight of the pieces varied from 50 to 90 tons.