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Your partner transporting oversized cargos and heavy lifts

JURTRANSA is a freight forwarder and ships agent.

Our principal activity involves the transportation of oversized cargoes and heavy lifts, including:

  • Road and bridge surveys of anticipated route and route preparation (civil engineering);
  • Obtaining permits and other authorisations;
  • Escort by highway police and Jurtransa’s pilot cars;
  • Offloading and installation at site.

From December 2006 to date, we have managed the regular transport of coal tar in electrically-heated and thermo-insulated railcars.

No better transport option than Jurtransa.


We can order permits and quickly calculate the cost of permits for oversized cargoes via the countries of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia as well as the Scandinavian countries.